How to Master Your Emotions

I have something cool for you today...

I want to talk to you about mastering your EMOTIONS

Because here’s the deal guys - I believe the quality of your entire life, is defined by the emotions that you experience most OFTEN IN your life. 

Do you experience more anger than anything else? Frustration? Grief? Worry? Fear? Disappointment? Struggle? Anxiety?

Hope not...those things suck...

Or do you experience love most often? Joy? Gratitude. Excitement. Happiness. Bliss.

Pretty clear which of those you want to feel more of, and which of those you want to feel a HELL of a lot less of, right? 

Now, before we get into it, I want to make something clear here. I’m talking to you about MASTERING your emotions. But mastery does NOT mean control. Two different things to me...

It’s kind of like the ocean, right?…. You can’t control the ocean...but you CAN learn to surf :) 

So when I say mastery, I’m talking about a much deeper understanding. A way to understand what your emotions are, where they come from, and how to work with them.

Actually, screw that - how to make them work FOR YOU is a better way to put that… 

How to actually USE them to FUEL you, as opposed to kind of - being a victim of the way you feel all the time. 

Because when you learn to get a handle on this stuff, man...I’m talking about EVERYTHING in your life being just - SO much easier and more enjoyable and more - I guess more balanced is a good way to put it. 

It’s always been funny to me that we spend so much time working to get better in so many areas - our relationships, finances, health and fitness, our hobbies - all that good stuff. 

But - why is it that so many of us never get better with our emotions?

I mean we’re all AWARE of the power they have over our lives, but why do we feel like this isn’t an area where we can improve? Because you absolutely can. That’s why you’re here right? 

But before we dive into that, let’s talk about what I feel most people get TOTALLY wrong when it comes to emotions 

First and foremost is confusing what you FEEL….for who you ARE. Confusing what you feel for who you are.  

Because your emotions, what you’re feeling at any given time, is just that - what you’re feeling. It’s NOT who you are although I get that it can certainly seem that way at times. 

Then there’s attempting to bury emotions - suppressing them. I’m going to get into a much healthier way to view and ultimately USE your emotions in a minute but if you picture your emotions as energy, which they are, - if you PUSH that energy down, if you try to NOT feel what you’re feeling, try to suppress it - well, guess what? 

You’re just PUSHING that energy down into yourself and it’s going to pop up in some other form in some other place - remember that game whack-a-mole where the thing pops up, you try and whack it with a hammer but then it just pops up somewhere else? Kinda like that 

Another problem - and this is my favorite 

It’s the old false choice between logic and emotions. 

Man...there are certain things that just get repeated over and over again until we start saying them and believing them too, and no one ever stops to ask “now wait a minute, is this actually true?”

Case in point:

You can EITHER be emotional OR logical. You’re one or the other. 

There’s the whole “men shouldn’t be emotional” thing - which is nonsense ...or -  women are totally RULED by emotion. Also nonsense

You hear things like "Oh, you’re just being too emotional”.

"You need to be more logical"....that kind of thing.

Like it’s this never-ending battle between emotion and logic.

It’s total bullshit. It’s a false choice and it doesn’t work for any of us at all. 

Because look - you need both of them. Logic and emotion play an important part in who we are. It’s not about one or the other. It’s about balance. 

Another big misconception when it comes to emotional mindset is: “Defeating” your emotions - this is a huge one

You have to DEFEAT your emotions. You need to like - FIGHT to take control of them.

Dude you don’t have to go to battle with your emotions. If you did, you’d be going to war with yourself. And when you go to war with yourself, who wins?

So your emotions aren’t your enemy, even though I know it may seem that way sometimes.

And you can’t eliminate the emotions you think are“bad”, and only keep the “good ones”.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. 

So no, defeating your emotions isn’t possible. We’re humans. We can’t kill our emotions.

If you’re into Star Trek, what I’m saying is we’re not Vulcans...I’m much more of a Star Wars guy, but anyhow...

Alright….Here are two ways I believe you SHOULD look at your emotions:  

ONE: Energy. Think of your emotions as energy. Here’s what I mean -

The Latin root of the word emotion is “mot” M-O-T, which translates to “move”, or “flow outward".

Energy flows right? It can be incredibly powerful and incredibly dangerous but you can HARNESS it and make it work for you. 

So keep this in mind when you think of your emotions from now on. Think of your emotions as flowing energy. 

TWO: Messages. Think of them as an email sent from your subconscious to your conscious logical mind. But the email isn’t written in words… it’s written in feelings. It’s up to you to figure out what they’re trying to tell you.

OK, now I’m going to teach you something amazing. It’s a 5 step system that to this point I’ve only shared with my private 1:1 coaching clients. 

It’s called the “F5 System for Emotional Mastery” and it’s going to give you a mastery over your emotions like you’ve never experienced before.

Now - like everything, It takes practice. But it works and if you use it you’re going to thank me for it. 

What I’m asking you do here may seem totally counter-intuitive, ok, but what you need to do when it comes to better understanding your emotions, is to actually feel them MORE.

So the next time you find yourself with an unwanted emotion, one that feels like it’s out of control, or one you don’t understand, here’s what you do:

The first “F” in the F5 is FREEZE.

Just stop everything. Find a quiet place to sit (I don’t recommend lying down during this process) and be by yourself if possible. Basically, you’re giving yourself a time-out.

Close your eyes. Ground yourself. Feel your feet on the floor, and imagine the energy from your feet digging way down into the earth, far below.

Notice your arms. Your legs. Notice the weight of your body.

Breathe. Inhale….exhale….notice your heart beating. Breathe slowly, deeply, and notice your heart slowing down a little.

Just lay there and do this for 60 to 90 seconds.

The second F in the F5 is to FEEL Remember, your emotions are like energy, and energy needs to flow. So let it flow freely. Don’t fight what you’re feeling.

Allow yourself to REALLY FEEL them.

Calm your mind. Tell the chatter in your mind to take a break for a minute. Don’t analyze anything just yet.

Just sit, and feel. Feeling the energy of the emotion flowing through your body.

This might seem strange to you at first. When it comes to our feelings, we’re usually so damn reactive. An emotion hits and BANG! We think we have to respond or do something. React somehow to it.

No. Just feel…., notice where you feel this emotion in your body. This sounds easy, but it takes some practice. You’ll get the hang of it.

Is it in your stomach? Your chest? Maybe it’s higher up in your throat...what side of your body are you feeling this? Is the energy moving up or down or is it swirling around? 

If you want to go nuts you can assign the emotion a color or a shape or both. Literally, try and see it. There’s no right or wrong here….Whatever pops into your mind is the right answer. And if you don't see a color that's totally fine. too

OK…..the 3rd F is FLOW

You just continue sitting or lying there for a minute or two and just allow that emotion to keep flowing. Don’t fight it at all. Picture it like water running in a stream. Let it flow to any part of your body it wants to. 

Next up - the 4th F is FIGURE OUT.

Now it’s time to figure out exactly what the emotion is. Again, this sounds easy but takes practice. Now that you’ve sat with this for a bit, ask yourself what this emotion is - is it anger, sadness, anxiety - try and drill down and uncover exactly what it is.

You might notice that in the few minutes you’ve taken to let the emotion run through you, it may not be what you originally thought.

Then once you’re sure of what the emotions is, it’s time to translate the message. If the emotion is a message, what is it trying to tell you? 

Then finally, the 5th F in the F5 is FREE…that means it’s time to let it go. To release it. Imagine that color or shape just kind of … leaving your body. Flowing away.

And when that’s done, when you’ve gone through this process a few times and you’ve gotten comfortable with it, you’re going to find you can’t BELIEVE how calm and peaceful you feel after

Here’s the Fastest & Easiest Way to Change Something in Your Life (For Real)

OK - let’s talk about THE fastest way to change ANYTHING in your life 

Here’s the deal guys - there are things we’ve all been led to believe are hard.

They’re difficult.


Take a really long time. 

When the reality is they’re simple. Nowhere near as hard to achieve as you think and absolutely don’t have to take a ton of time.

Then there are things we’ve all just accepted as the way things are.

The way they work. 

But the reality is what we’ve been taught and accepted and bought into is literally ass-backwards. 

So with that in mind, let’s talk about YOU and YOU getting WHATEVER it is you want in your life.

Creating whatever you want in your life. In the fastest and easiest way possible 

The reason why achieving anything / changing anything / can seem so difficult  - is not about willpower.

Is not about discipline.

Of course those things can help a lot...

But the reason is that when it comes to those things, like I said, you’re going about it backwards. 

Here’s what I mean - 

When you want to change something - anything - I don’t care if it’s lose a bunch of weight and get in better shape, become more disciplined with your habits, become more organized with your schedule - or anything else, devote more time to your side business...

...what’s the FIRST thing you try to change? 

Think about it for a bit.

What’s the FIRST thing you try and change? 

And PS THIS is the thing that MOST people get wrong -  and I do mean MOST people. 

You change what you DO right? Your behaviors. Your actions. The shit that you DO. 

You try this thing - that thing.

I tried to do this, it didn’t work fast enough, so now I’ll try something else…

A lot of us find something that DOES work and what do we do? HEY! This works! Guess I’ll stop doing that and try something else! That’s a whole other conversation though...

Does that sound familiar? Sure it does. 

The thing is - like I said, it’s backwards. It’s backwards. It rarely works. And if it DOES work, it takes 100 times longer than it should. 

I want you to picture a pyramid. You can check out my super fancy graphic I made for you here:


From the bottom up, those sections would be: 


Those two are the foundations - working your way up next are:



Above that is BEHAVIOR AKA Actions - the stuff you do.

And finally OUTCOMES - those are your results. This is what you’re after. 

 Now here’s how it all works and how YOU work - and by you I mean you as a human. 

 Your identity, who you ARE, directly influences what you BELIEVE. 

For the sake of what we’re talking about today, identity and belief are one and the same. Each influences the other. 

 So who you ARE and what you BELIEVE deep down at a subconscious level - influence what you THINK. 

 If your identity is that of a 7 figure entrepreneur, if you BELIEVE that’s who you ARE - do you think your thoughts would be different from say that of someone who is committed to the struggle. Who finds making money difficult? 

 Of course not right? 

 If your identity is that of a healthy person in great shape, if you BELIEVE that’s who you ARE - do you think your thoughts would be different from that of someone who’s always struggled with their body image and their weight? 

 No. Again - of course not. 

Let’s keep working our way up the pyramid - 

 What you THINK leads to what you FEEL. Your emotions. If you have shitty thoughts, disempowering thoughts, negative thoughts - hey guess what? You’re going to experience shitty disempowering negative emotions.

 Other end of that - when you have positive, powerful, inspiring kind of thoughts, they’ll lead to totally different emotions.  

 Makes sense right?

This is all common sense and I’ve never understood why THIS isn’t the shit they teach us in school as opposed to algebra or whatever…

 Honest I don’t even know what algebra is...all good. I’ve done pretty well without it :)

Experience your emotions long enough they become your MOOD. Your emotions - your mood- affects your BEHAVIOR. The actions you take otherwise known as what you DO. 

 If there’s something you’re trying to get done - do you think it’ll be easier and more fun for you if you’re in a lousy mood or an incredible mood? 

Exactly... what you DO, affects your outcomes. Your RESULTS. 

It’s as simple as that. One more time real quick: 

Who you ARE, your IDENTITY, and what you BELIEVE at a deep, deep, subconscious level affect what you THINK. What you THINK affects your EMOTIONS - what you FEEL. 

Feel those feelings long enough they become a MOOD. 

Your emotions and mood affect your BEHAVIOR...that is, the ACTIONS that you take. What you DO. Your actions - what you DO, affects your results. Your outcomes. 

Here’s the point of my entire rant here - INSTEAD of always trying to change things by constantly repeating this same process - DOING this DOING that - taking one action, then taking another. Hoping that something sticks….

Go about it from the other end on the pyramid.

If you’re feeling like you’re not where you want to be in your business, ask yourself if you truly BELIEVE you can be successful. Ask yourself if you truly BELIEVE you DESERVE to be successful and make a whole bunch more money. 

If you’re feeling like you’re not where you want to be with your weight - with your diet and fitness, take a look at what you BELIEVE about losing weight or getting and staying in shape. 

What do you BELIEVE? 

This take some work - uncovering all this stuff. It’s going to require you putting some thought into it and I can’t recommend journaling enough when it comes to this work..

Next up - put those beliefs of yours on trial. Dig into them. Try to look at them as nothing more than an observer of them, 

Key question to ask yourself when doing this is - “Is that REALLY true?”. Is that belief really true….understand what a belief is. A belief is nothing more than an ASSUMED truth. 

Is that belief really true? 

Keep digging. Give yourself evidence that supports the fact that this belief that has a ton of power over probably complete bullshit. 

And once you start kind of - dismantling these’re going to find you then NATURALLY start taking actions that get you to where you want to be. With a ton less resistance. 

The process of change becomes infinitely easier for you I promise.

Your Soul is Speaking to You...Are You Listening?

Today I’m going to give you an example of how doing one small thing can change your life for the better in more ways than you can possibly imagine - how the smallest of things can lead to the absolute biggest of impacts in your life 

“Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life”.

That quote is from Steve Jobs, in his Stanford commencement address 2005. 

So let’s talk about dots - I want to tell you a quick story 

When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was be an actor. That was it for me. That was the big dream. That was the big goal. 

I was going to be a rich and famous actor. I was going to move to LA, I was going to have long hair just like David Lee Roth (because that was my guy), and I was going to learn how to surf. 

The surfing part was a really big piece of this. Always wanted to surf, don't know why. When I was really young, I saw it somewhere and I was like, "That's the coolest thing I've ever seen." 

Now, I abandoned that acting dream, but the surfing part never left me. It was something that was always kind of there. I didn't think about it every day, but it was never that far from my thoughts. 

Now, fast forward a couple of decades. I was in my late thirties. Single at the time, bored, trying to figure out something I can do on a weekend during the summer. I'm looking online and - "Holy Shit, you can surf in New York City, right at Rockaway Beach, which is a subway ride away?" I had no idea. 

I keep looking and was like, "Wow, look at that. You can take surfing lessons at Rockaway Beach. Okay maybe I should do this"

So let me ask you a question. What almost 40-year-old Jewish dude who grew up in Queens and lives in New York City starts to surf, right? 

πŸ‘‰πŸ»This guy πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

I was like, "You know, fuck it. I'm going to do it. Why not? Let's see what happens." 

What's the worst thing that can happen, right?

So I put my ass on the subway, got to Rockaway Beach, got in the water, and as soon as I sat up on that soon as I was in the ocean on that board, I fell head over heels in love. 

So connected, so deeply connected, so in love with this thing that I was and still am terrible at, but I loved it. And all that came from just listening to my soul. That thing that kept telling me for 20 years "Go surfing," made no sense at all. 

And that’s the point. 

The story gets way cooler than that...

I had a picture of me surfing up on this dating website I was on - OK Cupid. 

So I had one of these surfing pictures. I had that put up there and wouldn't you know it, this beautiful woman contacts me. 

"Oh, my God. I was in Hawaii. I took surfing lessons. I love it too." And so now me and this woman connect over surfing. That's our point of connection. 

We meet, we fall in love, we're still in love, she's the love my life. We live in this beautiful apartment in New York City. All that came from following my heart and going surfing for no reason.

...But the story gets even cooler.

A year or two into our relationship, we’re on a surfing trip in Costa Rica. Lauren brings a book with her called Tony Robbins Money: Master the Game. I picked that book up and immediately thought, "Man, I used to love Tony Robbins when I was younger. When I was 17 or 18, whatever it was, loved him, helped me so much. Why have I forgotten about him all these years?" 

So I made a promise to myself when I got back to New York, I was going to look for the next time Tony Robbins was in town, and go to one of his seminars. 

Of course...because this is the way these things work...he was coming around two or three months after that.

So I got my ticket, went to see Tony Robbins, and my life changed. I had just the most powerful spiritual awakening, like nothing I've ever experienced. 

Lit my soul on fire. 

That whole experience led to me discovering the coaching world. Led to me discovering my passion, my PURPOSE-  helping people achieve their goals and dreams. 

Realizing that everything that I had gone through in my life, there was a reason for it. There was a reason for it and that’s because I was strong enough to get through all that stuff and I was gifted in a way that I can help other people achieve their own goals and dreams. 

It was a small thing, wasn’t it? I just - went surfing. A small thing that had a massive impact on my life. That’s usually the way - small things = big impact. 

One small thing and when you think about it -  I literally found THREE loves of my life: Lauren. Surfing, and Coaching. Not bad right? 

So again, I remind you - ALL of that happened from just listening to my soul, just going surfing, which made no sense at the time, but like I said, I said, "Fuck it." And I listened to my soul. My heart. 

All that unfolded for me. 

Now, I’ll let you in on a secret - this video isn’t about me. At all. 

It's about you. 

I just wanted to share that story. Share my story to illustrate what it looks like to 

LISTEN-TO-YOUR-SOUL - your heart, your intuition- whatever you choose to call it ...and why it's so important that you do so. 

And how you really can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only do that looking backward.

So what is it that YOU want to do? 

What calls you?

And whatever is calling you - does it scare you? 

Do you have dreams - stuff you’ve wanted to accomplish in your life that you've kind of put away on a shelf somewhere and forgotten about them -- and when I say forgotten, you've forgotten about them, but not really….they've never quite gone away, right? 

There's always a whisper of them underneath the surface. They've always been there. 

Is it finally time for you to start realizing those dreams? No matter how old you are, because it's never too late for you. I got on that surfboard, I was almost 40 years old. 

If it's time, if it’s finally time for you to realize some of those goals, some of those dreams, I can help you. I want to help you. This is what I do when I work one-on-one with people. 

So if this is you, simply email me. Message me at [email protected], and let's have a conversation. Let's see if there's something we can work together on. I'd love to hear from you.

And regardless if you message me or not, what I hope you take away from this post is LISTEN to those things that call you. 

Listen to those things that are pulling you.

Follow your heart.

Listen to your intuition

...because there’s a reason you're being called to do whatever it is that you're called to do. 

There's a reason for it. 

I promise you.

You Don't Need to Do Big Things to Get Big Results!

What if getting what you want is actually MUCH easier than you think?

That whatever it is that you’re looking to make happen in your life:

  • Whatever goal
  • Whatever dream
  • Whatever desire

Whatever change you’re looking to make…

is actually so much easier than you thought it was…

...all you have to do is change the way you’re looking at it

So, what do I mean by that?

"Big doors swing on little hinges"

- that’s a quote from W Clement Stone and I’m telling you right now, if you accept it as true, I swear to f'ing God it’ll change your life.

Big doors swing on little hinges

It’s in the SMALL things where it’s all going to change for you.

We tend to make things so hard.

So difficult.


That we get all tripped up, man

I’m telling you that whatever it is you want - you’re going to find the keys to making it happen… the small things.

  • These are the things that aren’t sexy.
  • They’re not glamorous.
  • There’s no huge epiphany. If you’re waiting for one that’s a mistake
  • The skies don’t open, bright light shining down from heaven - the huge EUREKA moment of inspiration.

I used to think that’s where success came from.

But after a while, hey- even I learn...and so if you think that’s where YOUR success- the achievement of your goals - is going to come’re going to be waiting a really really long time

And by a really long time I mean maybe forever.

This is one of my greatest gifts as a coach. Helping you break the big things down into the small things.

Identifying those small points of leverage - the areas where the SMALLEST of changes lead to the BIGGEST impact.




It’s the 2mm shift i first heard Tony Robbins talk about

That 1% difference

Let me give you an example of a small thing- a small change you can make in your life that would give you a massive return.

Small change high impact.

What could you do waking up an extra 30 minutes earlier every morning?

It’s only 30 minutes, right? 30 minutes a day for a week is 210 minutes. 30 minutes a day for a month is 900 minutes. That’s 10,950 minutes a year.

182 extra hours in the course of a year. What could you do with that 180 hours?

  • 182 hours working on your side business
  • 182 hours devoted to practicing an instrument
  • 182 hours writing your book
  • 182 hours of exercise
  • 182 hours of dedicated and deep practice

But it’s not an extra 182 hours I just gave you in your year.

It’s JUST... waking up a half-hour earlier every morning.

Big doors swing on little hinges

I have this amazing client. We’re doing just - phenomenal work together. You want to talk about small change/massive impact?

By identifying ONE point of leverage - one seemingly TINY habit we put in place, his life changed. By making sure he drank 3-4L of water a day, he’s lost a bunch of weight.

He’s now working out.

He’s eating way better.

He’s alcohol consumption is way down.

His relationships are better.

He’s making more money in his own business because he feels so much better, he’s so much clearer and happier -

One small change which acted as a massive point of leverage...which led to an avalanche of additional habits.

And ultimately, RESULTS

ALL of that...from establishing a habit of drinking a bunch more water every day.

Tiny ass hinges- BIG old doors.

This trips people up.

Because for some reason we’ve been brainwashed into thinking things need to be HARD.

Simple can’t possibly work there needs to be struggle.

Everything needs to be big and difficult.

Know what stuck is?

Stuck is A:

“I have to do this HUGE thing. This goal this dream this plan - and it’s big.”

“It’s so big, it’s intimidating. Where do I start? It’s too much. There’s so much to do. The road is so long. And I don’t have the money or the time or the knowledge or the help.”

Combined with B:

The small thing? The small hinge that’s going to open that giant door?

“Well no, that’s TOO small. It seems too simple. Too easy. That can’t possibly work.”

Too big can’t do it. Too small won’t do it.

See the problem here? Where does it leave you?


Small change. Massive impact

Big doors swing on little hinges

And so listen to me:

-you don’t need to climb a mountain
-you just have to take the first few steps

-you don’t have to go the gym 7 days a week for eternity
-you just have to leave your gym clothes out the night before

-you don’t have to save X amount of money before you can retire
-you just have to automate 10-20% of your paycheck

-you don’t have to lose 40 pounds
-you just have to figure out how to lose 1 or 2 ...and keep going

-you don't have to run a marathon
-you just have to run for a few minutes and keep building on that

-you don’t have to write a book
-you just have to outline the table of contents

So please do yourself a favor and stop making everything so big [FIRST NAME GOES HERE].

Small change. Massive impact

Big doors swing on little hinges

Look at you making it all the way to the end of this email. Who says people don't have the patience to read anymore! :)

Now get out there and swing open some giant doors,


P.S. 2020 is right around the corner. New year. New decade. If you’re looking to work with a coach - if you want me to step into your life and help you identify what small changes we can put in place to lead to MASSIVE results in your business, in your health, in your relationships, in your finances -

1. Go to: 
2. Fill out the short form on that page 
3. If I think I can help you get MASSIVE results in your life and business, I'll get back to you within 24 hours and we'll set up a phone call 

P.P.S. if instead of watching my video (or better yet AFTER watching it), you wanted to see the Stones Live in Texas, 1972 playing All Down the Line, do that here: Be warned though, this WILL melt your face and make you dance.

Seeking Approval, Acceptance, and Validation

Hey guys - it’s Gregg Sugerman and I’m going to do something a little different today….

See - I decided it would FEEL more interesting to stop just giving you information, no matter how valuable, even if it’s in my voice - my spin on things which tend to be a little different than most…...and instead start sharing with you the stuff that I’m working on when it comes to my own spiritual development / self development / whatever you choose to call it. . 

I think it’s probably easier and more fun for you to learn by really connecting with what I’m learning.  What I’m working on. My own journey. 

There’s too many fucking people on social media TEACHING man. Giving information. 

There’s so much information out there we’re choking on it. We’re literally drowning in INFORMATION 

So I’m going to make a lot more of my journey - my life - available to you. In the hopes it’s a more effective way for you to both connect WITH ME AND to learn. 

Ok - so I’ve always spent a lot of time thinking about approval. 

Seeking approval. Of others. Craving acceptance, approval, I guess in some ways validation.

It used to be something that when I look back now - really subconsciously ran my life. And to this day it still pops up in weird and random ways. 

It starts with craving our parents’ attention doesn’t it? And look- that makes sense right? Our survival, our happiness, our everything - was linked to that. 

But then I feel like it kind of goes sideways for a lot of people. It just naturally weaves its way into: 

πŸ™πŸ»i hope the other kids like me…

πŸ™πŸ»i hope my teachers like me…

πŸ™πŸ»i hope that girl or boy likes me…

πŸ™πŸ»i hope i make friends and that they like me

πŸ™πŸ»i hope my boss likes me…

πŸ™πŸ»i hope my coworkers like me…

πŸ™πŸ»i hope my picture gets a lot of likes…

πŸ™πŸ»i hope my post gets a lot of likes…

πŸ™πŸ»i hope people like my latest video...

i guess the question I have for you if you’re feeling this message is: WHEN DOES THAT END? 

Really. When is it going to end?

And the answer is: 

It won’t

It won’t end

It never will



You decide (everything starts with a DECISION right?) 

Decide you’re done playing that stupid useless game.

Until you decide that you know what? 

From here on out?......

I’m just gonna lay back here and BE ME. 

Because what’s missing - what’s right outside the grasp of so many people is that you just relaxing into the truth of WHO YOU ARE? 

Is actually WAY more than enough. 

And when I say so many people…..I’m as guilty of it as the next guy.  

Because here’s the trip - guess what? When it comes to the approval of others? The validation of others? The acceptance of others? 

It actually doesn't matter. 

It’s NEVER mattered. 

Because those same people who we’re worried about - whether you’re aware of it or it's a subconscious thing - THEY’RE tripping over the exact same thing. 

So why are we playing a game we cannot win? Why are YOU playing a game you cannot win? 

Why does worrying about others’ approval of you even have to be a thing?

So - this was a quick video for you today but if there’s one thing I want you to takeaway it’s this: 

You’re SO MUCH more than enough. 


The only approval you should be chasing is your own. 

The only acceptance you should be worrying about is self-acceptance

And you damn sure don’t need anyone else’s validation. 

When you do that work and you learn to generate all this internally? I’t s a beautiful fucking thing.

The Abundance Shortcut

Hey, guys, it’s Gregg Sugerman, and today I want to have a conversation with you about Abundance. Specifically - I want to know what you THINK of when you hear that word- abundance. 

Because if you’re like most people, when you hear the word abundance you think of what? You think of money right? 

“Financial abundance flows to me effortlessly and easily” and all that shit. Maybe you even have a money mantra or incantation you do every day.

“I AM wealthy. Abundant avalanches of money are speeding their way toward me”. 

If that is you, and you’re doing all that, how’s it working for you? 

Because look - it’s what I did, for a really long time, and it never seemed to get me anywhere.

So I changed it up. 

Instead, I started choosing to focus on ALL the abundance in this world and in this universe that I’m surrounded by every second of every day. 

And I came up with this exercise that I do as needed, to really get me in that mindset and feeling place of abundance.

I call it the Abundance Flood.

Hey! Maybe we can give AF a new meaning instead of what it’s become lately… 

And so it might sound something like this - 

Just for context- sometimes I’ll do this in my head while I’m walking around. Other times I’ll sit and journal it out - as kind of a free-flow stream of consciousness writing. 

I’ll just kind of observe the world around me and riff like this - 

I see the abundance of all the grass outside. All the green. All the trees. All the wood and leaves in and on those trees. 

All the roots. 

All the dirt at the base of all those trees. 

All the seeds that grew all of those trees. 

All the birds and squirrels that run and climb and fly in and out and around those trees. 

All the worms and different bugs and countless thousands or no ---  millions of life forms that are around those trees right now. 

ALL the LIFE. 

All the people walking around in the street. All the different faces and bodies and hair and clothing they wear. 

All the people in all the different countries of the world that made those clothes. 

All the fabrics and materials that were sewn together to make those clothes. 

All the stores in all the cities and towns in all the countries that all of those clothes are sold in. 

All the other items in all the other stores that people buy. 

All the brick and steel and glass and metal that all of those stores are made of. 

All the cars driving on all the roads and highways and freeways and crossing over all the bridges and tunnels  

All the different KINDS of cars- small one’s big ones two-door... four-door ...trucks ...buses... cabs... vans- 4x4’s, motorcycles - 

All the people from all over the world that made all of those cars and vehicles. 

How many people each of THOSE people are CONNECTED to- friends, families, co-workers, lovers - you know ---- back to the cars - all the GLASS in all of those cars. 

All the glass and the metal and the plastic - all of the electronic equipment in all of those cars. 

The amount of electronics not just in all those cars but think of the sheer amount of electronics in the entire world? 

How about all the buildings I see? And ALL the people that live and work in all those buildings. All the windows and elevators and doors and kitchens and living rooms and ALL the shit that’s INSIDE all of those rooms. 

All the FOOD we have in this country. THINK about all the stores and restaurants and deli’s and bodega’s and street carts- 

THINK of all of that food….in SO MANY parts of the world where food is a much scarcer commodity it’s literally EMBARRASSING how much we have. 

WE HAVE SO MUCH that we literally WASTE it. We THROW IT AWAY, that’s how abundant it is here. 

ALL the clean fresh water. UNHEARD of in so much of the world. We literally can walk up to our sinks and get clean water.

IMPOSSIBLE to even fathom for hundreds of millions if not BILLION of people on this planet - 

Speaking of this WORLD- the cities, the towns, the counties, the boroughs, the states the countries - the OCEANS separating the continents. 

ALL THE LIFE in those oceans!


The abundance of life on this planet is MIND-BLOWING! 

Want to go wider? 

THIS world... is one of an UNLIMITED amount of worlds in an INFINITE universe. 

If you could travel at the speed of light which is 186,000 miles per second!  you could travel in an infinite amount of directions forever - and NEVER get to the end of it. 


Think of all I DIDN'T mention there. You could do this exercise 20 hours a day for 20 years and still find new things to think of. 

So that my friends, is my Abundance Flood. Not sure if I invented this or not. Might have been something I read about ages ago - who knows. Who cares?

All I know is that it’s how I choose to look at abundance. 

Now you might be asking Gregg, so because you do this are you saying you’re worth tens of millions of dollars or…more?


The answer is no... I am not. 

But I can tell you since I started looking at things differently. Like I just showed you...since I started retraining myself to see and FEEL things in a different way, one of which being my relationship with money and the energy I bring to that relationship, 

...since I started LOOSENING my grip on the very subject of money- meaning … meaning worked on REMOVING the TENSION I felt AROUND it, I can tell you that I’ve absolutely made more money than I have in the past. 

I’ve spent more... I’ve made more... I’ve saved more...and I no longer doubt the inevitability that way more of it is on it’s way and that it’s an abundant resource and energy just like all the limitless OTHER abundant resources in our universe. 

It’s a CONSCIOUS DECISION - to see abundance in every way, shape, and form AROUND ME- and because I am focused on THAT … MORE of that shows up. I look for it and I find it. 

Does that all make sense? 

Wow…that was awesome! Felt GREAT! Hope you enjoyed the abundance flood! 

And what I want YOU to do is - I want YOU to try it and let me know what you think.


You won’t be disappointed. Do it and check back with me here in the comments or private message me or whatever. 

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me! See you soon!

This is More Powerful Than a Morning Routine

Hey guys! Gregg Sugerman back with you again and today I thought it would be fun to talk about routines -

everyone loves routines …

...some people call them routines

...some people call them rituals. 

Don't you love the word ritual by the way? I do but it’s also kinda spooky isn’t it?

Makes me feel like some voodoo blood magic is about to go down or something…

So here’s what we’re going to today - 


I want to share with you why often times morning routines suck - because of the way people do them and more importantly because of the mindset behind the people doing them 


I want to show you something that I think is way more powerful than a morning routine or at the very least equally powerful 

and NUMBER 3 --- while we’re at it, let's talk about secret doorways to your subconscious mind that you only have access to at specific times twice a day - 

doesn’t sound like that’s related to today’s topic but it totally is 

Oh and let’s see if I can do all this for you in less than 10 or 12 minutes - I mean - you got stuff to do right? 

Before we dive in - real quick - if you’re looking to work with a professional coach, someone to hold you accountable - offer guidance - someone to get you to that next level and beyond in your life and business, go to GREGGCALL.COM

Answer a few questions on that page, hit submit, and If I’m 100% positive I can help you get MASSIVE results I’ll get back to you within 24 hours and we’ll hop on the phone to discuss what working together would look like….

First things first - I am a big believer in morning routines. I’ve been using them for years.

Absolutely love them.

I’m a guy that loves habits, routines, rituals. 

And I absolutely love waking up early - yes, I’m one of THOSE people...I love that first hour or two in the morning - when you have the world entirely to yourself…

So let’s start with MORNING routines. What is SO amazing about a morning routine anyhow? 

To me, a morning routine is about winning, plain and simple. Winning the day. It’s a time, preferably really early in the morning (I’m a huge believer in that as well) a time that is yours and yours alone. 

It’s YOUR time. It’s holy - it’s SACROSANCT - 

I absolutely love that word and I don’t get to use it nearly enough. Stoked I get to work it in here. 


It’s a time at the beginning of your day that is just for you.

No partner.
No kids.
No dog.
No cat.
No clients
No boss
No employees. 


Just you 

And what an empowering morning routine is doing for you is - it’s setting you up to win the day ahead. 

It’s about momentum. 

See - small wins lead to more small wins. One win makes the next win just a little easier. Those wins lead to bigger wins. And so on. 

So by the time you leave your home or apartment….or flat for my UK people….the winning has already started. You had a routine to get to, you made it happen, WIN. 

Admiral William H. McRaven talks about the power of making your bed in the morning.

Wrote a whole damn book about it.

It’s because that one small thing - controlling that - making sure that that one small task is done no matter what, is a win. 

And when you start your day off winning, MORE winning becomes just a little easier. 

See, so - you don’t have to WAIT for momentum to just HAPPEN. THIS is how you generate your OWN momentum. 

By the way - so many things can be part of a good morning routine: exercise, meditation, incantations, affirmations, journaling, gratitude work, breathwork, tapping - the list is endless. 

For me personally I’ve always thought a great routine should have a physical element, a spiritual element, something that taps into and puts your subconscious to work, as well as something goal oriented ...

...working towards your goals. Reminding yourself and kind of - orienting you day in the direction of the goals you’re going to achieve. 

So why do I say most people’s morning routines suck? 

Mainly it’s because I see too many people who get hopelessly rigid and locked into a routine to the point it loses all effectiveness.

Yes it’s a routine I get that, but I like to look at the elements of my routines as
“Temporarily permanent”

That’s the right mindset to have - temporarily permanent. 

So if you have 4 elements to your routine and one starts to feel stale, by all means switch it up. 

Another thing - don’t think there’s some secret routine. "Oh --  Kobe Bryant does THIS or Tony Robbins does THAT so THAT’S the secret - I’ll just copy theirs".

This isn’t cooking - you don’t follow the recipe and get the same meal. It doesn’t work like that - 

Actually there is a secret formula - but look...don’t tell anyone... it’s a secret just between you and I ok? 


The ONLY thing that counts is what works for YOU. That’s the big secret. 

The ONLY thing that counts is what works for YOU…...and the ONLY way you’re going to figure out what works for to DO stuff. Experiment. Play around. 

So that’s my take on MORNING routines and I’m going to be making a lot more videos about this topic soon…

But for NOW - 

What if I told you that if you want to make a habit of winning your day, and therefore winning the week and the months and the years and ultimately win this thing called life - 

winning your day should start before the day even begins? ...ah.

The plot thickens…

I’m talking about...drumroll please EVENING routine. 

Everyone is so morning routine obsessed and that’s great. I get it. But guys -  having an evening routine - is at the very least EQUALLY as important. 

I kind of feel bad for evening routines because it’s the morning routine that gets all the attention. 

I guess they’re kinda like the RINGO Starr of routines. Everyone is so focused on John and Paul and sometimes George that no one pays attention to Ringo - and Ringo was and is- an AWESOME drummer. 

Pay attention to Ringo dammit! 

Anyhow --- again - ultimately all this stuff is about what works for YOU, but I’ll take you through my evening routine - let you know what I do and why I do it, and hopefully that’ll inspire you to craft your own if you don’t already have one. 

Ok - The time that I do all this depends on the time I’m waking up the next day - which during the week is either going to be at 5AM if it’s a gym day, or 6AM on an off day. That means I’ll start winding down around 9 or 10PM. 

First thing I do is write down 3 awesome things that happened to me that day. Those things could be anything. Signing up a new client. Having a great conversation with a loved one. The weather being perfect. 

Anything that made me feel great. 

And when you do this, you’re reminding yourself that good things are happening around you and FOR you literally every single day. 

You’re orienting yourself AWAY from negativity towards a much more positive vibe. And that doesn’t suck. 

Next, I write down 3 things that I know I MUST do the next day. What do I most need to accomplish tomorrow? 3 things that when I do them all, will allow me to say I won the day. Kicked the days ass. 

Aside from that, it gets ideas/plans/schemes OUT of your head and ONTO paper. Don’t need to think about it anymore. That clears away mental tension - it relaxes you.

You get stuff on paper for the next day so when you wake up, guess what? You don’t even need to think about what to do - you already mapped that out the night before. 

Sounds simple right? That’s because it is. Know what else it is?

Powerful as fuck. 

Now, those two steps take a couple of minutes at most. Jot a few things down - doesn’t take long.

Once I get around 20 minutes before I shut it down for the night, I start thinking about a question to ask. 

Ask who? Ask my subconscious mind. 

Thomas Edison said, “Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious”. 

I’ve made lots of videos about the IMMENSE power of your subconscious mind and how to tap into that, just look on my page and you’ll find them. 

Not going to get too deep into that today at all, but suffice it to say there is no issue or challenge your subconscious mind can’t solve. None. 

So I’ll come up with my question. That usually takes no time at all because I wind up working on the same questions for weeks at a time 

Just to give you an example of what this looks like in real life --- 

Recently I posed this question to my subconscious before going to sleep every night for a couple of weeks - 

“how can I produce WAY more content -these videos for example, which means helping WAY more people -- WITHOUT working way harder?” 

One morning I opened up a google doc and I swear to God it LITERALLY poured out of me - 45 topics to teach, a daily schedule to create one video a week, and turn that one video into 18 pieces of content. 

From my podcast to social media posts, to Instagram stories, emails to my list - 

It wasn’t dramatic. No light shone down from the heavens. It was just kind of like “oh- ok I know exactly what to do now” and I started doing it 

Thank you subconscious mind. So that’s how that works. 

Now - once I have my subconscious request, another thing I do at night as part of my routine is I put on headphones and work to slow my brain waves down.

I’ll talk more about brain waves and binaural beats another time 

So -  I use an app called BINAURAL. I set the wave frequency to 9.0 Hz (hertz) so that means 9 cycles per second. That’s in the Alpha frequency range.

We’re all in the BETA range most of our waking day.

ALPHA is one below it. 

So I listen and I just slow myself down. And while I’m doing this I’ll repeat an affirmation to myself for a few minutes

I do that and then I slow the waves down to THETA -  4.5 - 5.0 hertz- that’s even slower. I do another minute or two of affirmations...

Now - here’s why this is so insanely powerful -- When you go to sleep - that period RIGHT before you drift off - you know that one I mean? 

You’re kind of half awake but half sleeping- in that short window, you have as much access to your subconscious mind as you do at any point in your day.

Think of it like a doorway.

It’s called the HYPNAGOGIC state - and you are in THETA naturally when you get to that place. 

So I go to bed in that state asking my question of my subconscious over and over again knowing that it’s going to provide me with an answer. 

And as if that wasn’t enough, check this out. I use a pair of sleep headphones at night - And I go to sleep actually listening to subliminal audio. Because who says you have to stop working to improve yourself and get after your goals just because you’re sleeping right?

I put those on and drift off. At some point in the middle of the night I wind up taking them off, but not before I’ve have powerful subliminal messages bouncing around in my brain for a couple of hours. 

So - that’s all I have for you guys today. Before I go I want to give you a super simple exercise to do to get yourself at least started on having an evening routine if you don’t already have one - 

What is ONE thing - one ISSUE or CHALLENGE that you’d LOVE to have solved. One question you’d love to have an answer for? 

And tonight when you go to sleep, ask your subconscious mind to solve it for you. To give you an answer. Do this tonight, and continue doing it for a week or so. And I GUARANTEE you as if by magic, BANG - you’re going to get your answer seemingly out of nowhere. 

You guys are all awesome.

Thanks for watching and as always - let me know what you thought about this and remember-  GREGGCALL.COM if you’ve been watching my videos and you’ve thought “man I really need to get myself a coach 

- someone to hold me accountable, someone whose only job is making sure I get to where I want to go in my life - go to GREGGCALL.COM, answer the 4 or 5 questions on that page, hit submit and I’l get back to you within 24 hours. 

Alright - that’s it for now, I’m out. I’ll talk to you real soon!

the Top 11 Things I Learned From Tony Robbins

All right. What's going on, everybody? Gregg Sugerman with you here from and host of the 15 Minute Mindset Podcast. 

I'm having kind of a nice, relaxing, lazyish day around my apartment here in New York City. It's a beautiful fall day outside.

And inside, what I've been doing here is I've been thinking about one of my main men, one of my main mentors, and that's Tony Robbins.

Tony Robbins has meant a hell of a lot to me as I've gone through and continue to go through my personal development journey. 

I can confidently say that since I started learning from Tony Robbins many years ago I am a happier person, a more emotionally balanced person.

I'm a person that has better relationships. I'm a wealthier person. I don't know. I'm just an all around what I consider a much better person in a much better place than when I found Tony Robbins. 

He's opened up a whole lot in my world. It's one of the reasons I'm on this coaching journey is because of my experiences with Tony Robbins, whether that be through a bunch of the seminars that I've gone to, reading his books, just consuming this content anyway I can.

So I put together a list for you guys here. It is the top 11 things I've learned from Tony Robins.

Now, why 11 things? Why not 5 things or 10 things? I have no idea. Don't know. Put together a list and 11 was what we came up with, so 11 it is. 

And here we go….

Number one. And by the way, this is not in any particular order, okay? So number one, he taught me what we are not, okay?

What we are not, as in we are not our bad habits. We are not our patterns. 

I think one of the most mind-blowing things to me was that we are not our thoughts. 

Now, he didn't invent any of these concepts, but he's kind of introduced me to them.

So just think about how powerful, how liberating that is when you can separate yourself from that chatter, that mental kind of craziness that goes on inside your head sometimes just to know that you are not your thoughts.

Number two, what keeps us stuck is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics, meaning mindset, okay? 

Mindset, mindset, mindset, your psychology.

Oftentimes, when we're stuck, we blame it on a lack of resources when in reality it's very rarely that. 

Much more often, it is a lack of resourcefulness.

So if you find yourself stuck, it is not your current situation or the world putting roadblocks in front of you.

It's not this. It's not that. It's right there, okay? Right there. 

Number three, you can either let disappointment destroy you or you can use it to drive you.

Now, I would add a couple of other things to that list other than disappointment. It can be anger. It can be a ... Disappointment is what he said.

Disappointment, anger, whatever it may be, okay? 

You can those emotions to drive you to further push you along. Use them as fuel to get you where you need to go, right?

So something happens in your life, you can allow yourself to stay in a place disappointed about what that event was or you can use that disappointment. 

It's really powerful.

Use that disappointment. If you don't like your situation, if you don't like where you are currently, let that disappointment turn to anger.

Let that anger be fuel, and let that drive you to get where you want to go in your life. Very powerful. 

Let's see.

Number four, again, in no particular order. I love this one.

Whatever it is that you want in your life, it is not the thing that you are after, but the feeling that you're going to get once you have that thing. 

So it's not the thing you're after, it's the feeling that you're going to have when you get that thing, when you achieve that goal. 

So it is not money that you want. I get that that sounds really crazy. It's not money you want, it's the feeling that she will get when you have that money, okay? 

It is not 40 pounds, or 50 pounds, or whatever it is that you want to lose. It is the feeling that you will have once you have lost that weight.

So try to put yourself in that space. Visualize. Allow yourself to feel what it would be like when you've achieved that goal no matter what that goal is. 

It can be better relationships. It can be more money. It can be lose weight. It can be to start your own business. 

Whatever it is, spend some time feeling into what it would feel like when you have that thing.

And when you can tap into that, you are going to get whatever it is you want in your life much faster, okay? 

So remember, it is not the thing that you're actually after, it's the feeling that you will get once you have that thing. 

Where are we on this list? I feel kind of like a game show host. It's very exciting.

Number five.

Drum roll please. 

Number five, emotion is the ultimate resource, okay?

Ultimate resource.

When you feel good, just think about it, when you feel good, when you feel powerful, when you feel strong, when you feel empowered, when you feel in love, when you feel happy, when you feel joyous, isn't life just easy or much easier at least, right? 

Of course it is. 

When you're feeling lousy, when you're feeling disempowered, when you're in a low energy place, and we'll get to energy in just a minute, makes everything in your life just so much more difficult.

So learning to master your emotions, to cultivate your emotions, it's one of the most critical skills you can ever learn in your life. 

I don't care if you're a doctor, or a soldier, or a fireman, or a professional athlete, or a teacher, or a scuba diver, whatever, okay?

Learning to master and cultivate your emotions is one of the biggest things you could learn to do in your life, and I have a feeling you already knew that.

Let's see.

Number six, energy. Energy is everything. 

Energy is everything. 

That’s kind of very similar to what I just spoke about with emotions, right?

Because when you are full of energy, when you are just raring to go, you can do anything, right?

You can conquer the world. But when you're in those low energy states, when you're tired, when you're not rested, you are in a bad, negative energy kind of place.

Again, you know what's harder to do in your life?


So this, another critically important life skill is learning how to cultivate that energy, okay?

Learning how to cultivate that energy. 

Now, how do you do that? 

How many hours at night are you sleeping? 

What's your diet like? 

What's your exercise routine like? 

Do you do things like breath work in the middle of the day if you're feeling tired or are you relying on coffee, and sugary drinks, and snacks, and all that kind of stuff? 

By the way, full disclosure, I love coffee. So anyhow…

Because there are things that you can learn to do. You can learn to condition yourself for more energy on tap whenever you need it. It's possible. I do it.

There's a million ways to do that. 

Number eight. 

The two most important decisions that you can make in your life is,

one, what you focus on and, two, the meaning that you assign events in your life.

So that number one, what you focus on, that is something that is an always has been and always will be in your control. 

What are you focusing on on a day-in-day-out basis, on an hour-by-hour basis?

What are you focusing in on right now?

Hopefully you're just riveted and locked in this video. 

But for real, what you focus on is something that you can control. Even though I know it feels oftentimes like you can't, but you can. 

So what are you focusing on? 

Are you focusing in on your goals, your dreams, what you're going to achieve or are you focused on lack, what you don't have, what's missing, what your problems are, your issues? 

Because if you spend time focusing there, you're not focusing on all the good things that you already have in your life, and all of us have something good going on in our lives way more than some thing. 

There's a lot that we have that we can feel good about.

So where you focus, what you focus on at any given time, that's completely up to you.

And the second part of that, what was that? Right, the meaning that you assign events in your life, again, entirely up to your control. 

Somebody loses a job, you can assign meaning, something like, "This is the worst thing that ever happened to me. The universe is against me. I'm fucked." Excuse me, I'm screwed, right?

"How am I going to pay my bills? How am I going to do this? What's going to become of me? I'm in big trouble,"

versus, "Okay, this happened. How can I use this to my benefit?" 

Maybe this was the universe giving me something I need. I now have the opportunity to pursue something different, something better.

Now, I understand that losing a job is a terrible thing, obviously, okay?

I'm just saying the meaning that you assign anything that happens in your life is critically important.

And that meaning that you assign to something, that's up to you, in your control.

Always has been, always will be.

Where are we?

Ah, number nine, you cannot think your way to a new emotion. 

You cannot think your way to a new emotion if you're in a place, in a headspace or a feel space, a heart space that you don't like, if you're experiencing emotions that you don't like, a place that you don't want to be. 

Getting yourself trapped in your own head, the expression is “stay in your head”, you're dead.

You're not going to think your way out of that place. 

The way out of that place, the fastest way out of that place is to change your physiology, which I probably should have added to that list, the importance of being able to change your physiology, but too late now. 

Changing your physiology. 

Using your body will get you out of that place, okay?

Radical shifts in your physiology. Jumping up and down, doing jumping jacks, doing breathing exercises, doing pushups, whatever it is, that is the way you get yourself to a new emotion. 

When you start to do that, when you feel differently, you will think differently.

When you think differently, you will have different emotions.

So you cannot think your way to a new emotion.

I'm pretty sure I screwed up this, the numbers, but that's okay. Who cares? 

Ah, number whatever this is.

Emotions do not happen to you, you DO emotions. 

So you don't get pissed off, you DO pissed off. 

You don't GET depressed, you DO depressed.

Same way you don't get happy, you DO happy.

You do every emotion that you feel. 

Now, what does that mean? You do depression? You do whatever it is? What did I say, the first one that I started with? You don't do pissed off.

Any emotion that you have, what precedes that emotion is what you do with your body, right? 

So you could recognize somebody depressed just by looking at their body. Shoulders forward, head down, talking slow, talking low, all of these, okay? 

When you are pissed off, you are holding your body in a certain way. Now, it actually precedes the emotion.

You're doing all of this out of habit. You've been doing it since you were a little kid.

So something happens, you hold your body a certain way, and then you experience that emotion. 

And this all happens in the blink of an eye. But you're actually doing that with your body first.

Try being pissed off. If you're feeling pissed off, try to stay pissed off by standing in a powerful pose, shoulders back, chest up, and smiling. Big smile for 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds.

See what happens to that feeling. 

You won't stay pissed off for long. 

So you actually DO your emotions.

If you're not familiar with this kind of stuff, it's a little bit tricky to wrap your head around it.

But when you do, phew, shit will change for you because you will realize you have so much more control over all this stuff than you thought. 

And this dovetails into the next point, which was recipes. 

Now, I don't know how to kind of phrase this in a way like I learned this and that from Tony Robbins, but recipes, okay?

Recipes meaning that what you do with your body, like I said before that emotions don't happen to you, you do them, you have certain recipes for every emotion you feel. 

You have recipes for pride, for joy, for being horny, for feeling proud, for feeling upset, for feeling pissed off, for feeling impatient.

There are certain ways that you hold your body when you're feeling all of those things, okay?

And by knowing that, by understanding that, what I do, I actually keep track. I write down what I'm doing with my body when I'm feeling those things.

So if you're feeling joy, if you're really feeling just this beautiful feeling of joy, note where your shoulders are, how far apart your feet are, which direction your feet are pointing. 

Where are you looking? Are you looking out on the horizon? Are you're looking kind of up over people's heads? Are you looking down? Are you looking left? Are you looking right? 

Where are your shoulders? 

Where is your chest? 

Are you holding more weight on one foot versus the other? 

How are you holding your arms, your hands? 

How are you breathing? Super important. I should've led with that. How are you breathing?

Are you breathing deep in through your belly? Are you kind of shallow breathing? Are you breathing this way or that way? 

So those are your recipes. 

And when you start to keep track of them, here's where it gets cool. If you're feeling pissed off, if you're feeling upset, if you're feeling just yucky, something that you don't want to feel, when you go back to your recipes and say, "Hey, what do I do with my body when I feel joy?" 

It's your recipe for joy, guys. 

So hold your body in that way for a minute, for two minutes, and you will be shocked, shocked, and how quickly you find yourself out of that negative emotion that you wanted to get rid of it and into this positive, joyous feeling. 

So, those are recipes. 

Ah, last but not least, I don't know if this is 9, or 10, or 11, whatever it is, but trade your expectations for appreciation and watch your life changed instantly. 

Trade your expectations for appreciation. 

We expect things to go a certain way in our life, don't we?

We expect things will happen. I want things to happen this way and that way.

Why does this happen that way?

I want this, and it should be like that. 

What if when you found yourself in that place you just took a couple of minutes to just appreciate the shit in your life you already have? 

Appreciate your health. 

Appreciate the fact that you can walk. 

Appreciate your family.

Appreciate your loved ones. 

Appreciate all the good things that have happened to you today, right now. 

Just appreciate all of that good stuff.

It's a much better place to be in than expecting things to go a certain way and feeling let down, or pissed off, or upset when they don't go the way you think they should go.

So, that was my list. I hope you guys enjoyed it. And yeah, that's it for now. I'll see you guys soon.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, even though I know it's probably not Saturday when you're listening to this video. But whatever day it is, enjoy that day. That's a much better way to say it. See you later.


Hey what’s going on everybody? Gregg Sugerman here - I help entrepreneurs reprogram their minds and literally shift their identities SO ….they can earn more and feel AWESOME doing it…

and I wanted to make you this quick video on the art and science of habit mastery. Because I believe when you learn to DELIBERATELY form positive habits, it’s one of THE most massive keys to your success there is. Hands down 

I mean think about it. 

Think about being able to put new habits in place whenever you wanted to. Being able to LOCK a habit down without the frustration of the whole start, slow down, stop, get pissed off about it, try it again it some point cycle. 

Habits for your health: exercise and diet, habits for your business - making a habit of those actions you know you should be taking that move the needle in your business - whether that be writing content, paying more attention to your finances, getting on the phone and calling prospects - making your morning routines a habit...the list is endless. 

Oh wait up. Before I forget here guys - I’m going to teach you 5 steps to habit mastery here in a sec and if this kind of thing interests you...if you see the value in being able to master habits, the value in learning to master your subconscious mind, if you’re looking for a coach to help you get the hell out of your own way - help you get MORE out of yourself than you’re getting now - so you can get to that next level and beyond - 

What I want you to do next is real simple - go to that’s g r e g g and fill out a real simple form I put up. Should take you about 1 minute or so to fill out - hit the submit button - I read everything that comes to me and if I think you and I would be an awesome fit together - if I feel like I can help you attain MASSIVE results in your life and your business then I’ll get back to you within 24 hours and we’ll hop on the phone and see if we can’t do a little business together…

Ok...back to habits. 

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is NOT an act...but a habit”. That’s a quote from your old buddy Aristotle who I actually met a long time ago at a bar down in the East Village - very solid guy. Great dude. He was a lot of fun. 


When I talk about habit, I’m talking about having something in place where you don’t even have to think about it. Effortless. Easy. Autopilot. 

There was a study done in 2006 I think it was from Duke University - where Aristotle went to school by the way...and it concluded that 40% of everything we do in our waking hours has nothing to do with our decisions or intention - it’s all habit. Combine that with the approx 30% of our day when we’re asleep and that means up to SEVENTY PERCENT of everything we do in our lives is happening outside of our control. 

We’re all basically mindlessly executing habits 70% of our day.

Now- why is that? Why are we such habit-performing circus monkeys? 

And if that’s the case why the HELL do most of us SUCK so badly at INTENTIONALLY putting new habits in place? 

Because we ALL have habits in mind that we know we SHOULD have right? Habits we know we NEED. Habits that we KNOW would make us healthier, wealthier, happier...Why is it so hard to get those things to stick? 

I’m not gonna get too far into the weeds with the brain science here with you, even though I’d love to nerd out on this stuff with you here - 

But a few things that stand in the way of you putting habits in place: 

NUMBER ONE: in a certain way, your brain is actually wired AGAINST you putting a new habit in place. At least at first. See, your brains primary function is to keep you alive - keep you safe - and so when you try to introduce something NEW into the equation - 

that shiny new good for you / good for your business habit - you’re going to face resistance because to a part of your brain - something new = something unfamiliar. And something unfamiliar = something unsafe, which is a threat to your very survival. So ya got THAT working against you 

Now, this actually flips around completely one a habit starts to really take, because once that happens, your brain actually IS wired FOR habits...I know that sounds like contradicting information but it’s not...we can get more into that in another video…


NUMBER TWO: picture your brain like a dense jungle. And in certain areas, pathways have been cleared to make it through that jungle. Now those clear pathways are habits that you already have in place. Those things you repeat day in and day out. When you’re trying to put something NEW in place, it’s like you need to take a machete and clear brand new pathways. 

Your brain uses up to 20% of your entire body’s energy. It’s absolutely masterful at all the ways it looks to conserve that energy. So what’s easier? Clearing a pathway through dense jungle?

Or just continuing to walk on the path that’s already been cleared? Right - exactly. Your brain wants to do what it already does. 

NUMBER THREE: is your own mindset. Starting a new habit can be frustrating right? Nobody WANTS to watch what they eat every day for a year and lose a bunch of weight slowly and steadily. No. You want to eat healthily and make good food decisions for 2 days and lose 40 pounds.

No one wants to work on their new business day in and day out maybe without immediate results. No. Everyone wants to make 1 million bucks a year after being in business for 12 days. 

So we’re fighting against wanting the quick and easy result. Instant gratification vs delayed gratification - I’ll do a video on that one of these days as well. 

The good news - no- the GREAT news for you here is, that despite all of these things working against you - and when I say YOU I mean all of us - I’ve found a way to make locking in new habits honestly…...kind of easy.

It’s how I managed to lose almost 30 pounds 9 or 10 years ago and keep it off. How I locked in a 4-5 day a week gym habit that’s lasted almost a decade. How I’ve put empowering habits in place around my finances and my business - because yes when you get this right you can absolutely use it to make you more money, my daily routines and rituals - all habituized….habituized...not even sure that’s a word? If its not is should be 

and it’s not just me - I teach this to basically all of my clients - I love it, they love it, and you’ll love it. it’s simple and ridiculously effective and you’re going to learn how to do it right now - 

Here we go - 

First off, THE NUMBER ONE thing most people get wrong about putting habits in place is this: they do way too much way too fast. Let’s use diet and exercise as an example b/c everyone can relate to that right? 

How many of you have gotten that FIRE to get in shape? THIS time I’m REALLY gonna do it! 

And the plan generally looks like: OK. I’m going to work out 7 days a week. Spend at least 2 hours a day at the gym. I’m going to drink 47 gallons of water a day, and my meals will consist of kale, seaweed, and boiled chicken breast. 

And when I want dessert? HA! I know what I’ll do! I’ll just suck on an ice cube. 

That’s what I mean by WAY too much WAY too fast. Way too extreme and it’s an almost guaranteed recipe for failure. 

By the way, I’m just using exercise as an example. This applies to EVERYTHING. You can easily find examples of things where the right habit or habits in place would really move the needle in your business, or any other area of your life. 

ANYHOW - here’s the RIGHT way to lock a habit in place. Try this - COMMIT to this and I promise you’ll be thanking me for it. It’s a 5 step process 

I’ll give you the steps first and then I’ll walk you through a real-world example of how crazy effective this all is...

NUMBER ONE: you start out slowly. WAY WAY slower than you want. I’m talking SLOW. If you think you’re going too slow? Slow down some more-

NUMBER TWO: track your progress

-NUMBER THREE: Intentionally hold yourself back. This is KEY. I’m going to get more into detail here in a sec. 

-NUMBER FOUR: SLOWLY add pieces to the habit 

-NUMBER FIVE: allow yourself to celebrate. Again - key. 

-You can use my own exercise journey as an example of how this works: 

When I started getting in shape I set myself up to win by making my goals really easy to achieve. I wanted to get a few micro-wins under my belt. 

So for the first week, I told myself, look. I’m going to make this easy. This week I’m only going to the gym TWO times. And I’m ONLY going to do cardio, no weights. And ONLY for 10 or 15 minutes. 

That’s it. 

At the time it was like- OK, even I can do that…and so I did. 

And I considered it a huge win. 

The following week? Time to start adding in more right? NOPE. Uh uh. 

The second week, I did the same exact thing. And I considered it an even bigger win. 

Sounds easy right? That’s because it WAS. That’s the entire point. 

The third week? I still kept it at two days but added 10 more minutes of cardio to each day.

I also added some stretching and some bodyweight stuff- push-ups, that kind of thing. 

Still no weights. By this time I was DYING to start adding weights in. And that was a big key for me. I was INTENTIONALLY holding myself back. Remember that’s step 3 

Now by this time I’d gone for three weeks in a row and I really let myself feel good about it. 

But the whole time I was intentionally holding myself back, and it was driving me crazy. It was making me hungry for more. 

We all want what we can’t have right? Who knows what I’m talking about??? I think you do...

I was denying myself something I wanted...on purpose...because I wanted my desire to build. 

By the 4th week, I added an extra day and finally started adding some light weights into my workouts. 

And before you knew it, OUILA! I was going to the gym for one month in a row. 

Oh - as for the tracking piece - step 2. I started keeping a calendar of my workouts. What I did, and what day I did it. To this day I’m still not sure why I did this but I can’t tell you how powerful it was. 

I think it’s because I became accountable to something MORE than just myself. It was the calendar. I didn’t want to screw up my calendar. If my goal that week was 5 workouts, I wanted 5 “X’s” on that calendar. 

Years later I read the story of a young comic who approached Jerry Seinfeld in a comedy club. He asked him how it was possible he always had so much material. Seinfeld told him his secret was that he wrote jokes every day. No exceptions. And that he kept a calendar. Sure enough, he’d mark an “X” on his calendar when he wrote jokes, and after a while, those “X’s” formed a chain. And he became committed to never breaking the chain. 

It’s exactly what I said about being accountable to something or someone other than yourself. 

Let’s review those steps real quick and while I’m doing this think about a habit you’ve wanted to put in place - think about how you’d apply these steps to you specifically. By the way if you need help with this post here or message me and I’ll help you out 

NUMBER ONE: start REALLY slowly.

NUMBER TWO: track your progress

NUMBER THREE: Intentionally hold yourself back. -

NUMBER FOUR: SLOWLY add pieces to the habit 

NUMBER FIVE: allow yourself to celebrate. Let yourself feel good. Because a win is a win no win is too small to celebrate so feel good about this and about yourself.


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