Hi, I'm Gregg

I help entrepreneurs reprogram their minds and shift their identities, so they can earn more 
... and feel great doing it.

REVEALED: "3 Sneaky Ways Your Mind Sabotages You"

...and a few surprisingly simple solutions

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I work with select people in a 1:1 private format. This is deep work, and not for everyone. Opportunities are limited

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15 Minute Mindset Podcast

The mindset obsessed interview series for those who don't have time for hour long podcasts 


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“Hell on earth is meeting the person you could have been”

-Keith Cunningham

"Gregg is a masterful coach. He's worked with some of my students, helping them go from unsure and anxious to inspired and confident. Gregg has a deep, genuine care for his clients and will show up fully to support you!"

Selena Soo
Publicity Strategist and Creator of Impacting Millions

"Gregg knows what he is doing. He's a remarkable coach that goes all-in and holds nothing back. Seriously Gregg, thank you for ALL that you do. Continue to leave the life-changing impact that you bring everywhere you go."

Shawn Q.

"Gregg is one of the gems of the coaching world! He inspires change. His insight and guidance got me back on track ready to tackle the world. His warmth and humour as well as superb listening skills allow him to hear what you are really saying, even when you aren't sure yourself. Do yourself a favour, if you want to change your life for the better, work with Gregg."

Tania P.

"Gregg is an outstanding, caring, and all-around awesome person and coach. He's helped me get back in shape, rekindle my passion for music and creativity, and set me on the path to greater income. If you're looking for a transformation and thinking about hiring Gregg, DO IT! "

Guillermo R.

"I was inspired to ask Gregg for some of his time to experience his "soul detox" approach to coaching. He really is exceptional at asking the right questions to up-level the direction of the convo and dig down deep. That's what makes a great coach! Love your style man. High five!"

Jamie C.

"His questions were so intelligent and intuitive, and he listened and spoke with a compassion that allowed me to be completely vulnerable and brutally honest without any fear of judgment. He got me back on track and feeling clear, confident and ready to kick ass! I've seen many professionals over the years, Doctors, therapists and healers of all kinds and Gregg did what many of them were unable to do - Help, and at warp speed."


REVEALED: "3 Sneaky Ways Your Mind Sabotages You"

...and a few surprisingly simple solutions


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3 Sneaky Ways Your Mind Sabotages You ...and a few surprisingly simple solutions